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As one of leading manufacturer and supplier in China, Test Industrial Instrument Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing industrial products, mainly ultrasonic flowmeter , detecting and cleaning products. Our aim is to be a manufacturer and distributor of the best products available to meet our clients' need.

We recognize that client organizations operate in an increasingly competitive global market where competition, technology, expertise, customer service and cost-effectiveness are the predominant determinants in successful business development. We meet all these requirements by providing a high quality service at a reasonable cost.

Our capabilities are not limited to the products shown on our website. With a strong Research and Development team, TestIndustrial Instrument Co.,Ltd. is committed to continuous redevelopment and improvement to provide our clients' with other excellent products...

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Adress: 128 North Haibin Road (Qiaoxiang Square), Test, Shandong, China
Main Products: ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic levelmeter, ultrasonic heatmeter, Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter
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